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Holiday Health Spa

Nature Celebration Program - 1 day 2 nights
Come and celebrate with us - NEW YEAR, FESTIVALS, and WEEKENDS, HOLYDAYS, BIRTHDAYS, PICNICS and more. This is an ideal package for nature lovers who like to enjoy festivities in nature. This program includes the following treatments - Herbal spa, herbal face packs, herbal body raps, rain dance, kayakalp yogic dance, fire dance, meditation and a fitness program for health and beauty.
50% Special discount for couples.

Enjoy Holidays With Nature - 2 days 3 nights
Enjoy NEW YEAR, FESTIVALS, WEEKENDS, HOLYDAYS, BIRTHDAY, PICNIC etc. It is an ideal package for nature lovers. Entertaining, cultural program, yogic games for body, mind, soul relaxation and cheerfulness. 50% Special discount for couples.

Honeymoon Program in Peaceful Nature - 3 to 5 days
Nature living in pyramid cottage with lush green peaceful atmosphere, unrestrained daily routine, voluntary yoga, pranayam, meditation, cleansing acts, spiritual class etc.
Attraction – Flower decoration in cottage, body massage, privacy and peace,
Place visit to – International wood carving market Saharanpur, Shakumbhari Devi temple, Yamuna Dham, Shivalik Hills.

Life Style & Health Management Program - 3 to 5 Days
Enhance your productivity and performance by YOGA & NATUROPATHY.
A very special head to toe complete health management program. Improve digestion system, respiration system, and blood circulation of the body and special cleansing process to remove toxic wastes from the whole body. Tone up of the nervous system, rejuvenate leaver etc. Worms removing of the stomach, physical disorder will remove, excess sweat, hunger, thirst and heat in the body will be normal with the increase of mental peace, energy, efficiency and cheerfulness. Proper technique of breathing, sleeping, drinking water and how to control the bad eating habits, body alarm to wakeup in the morning and time management will be taught by itself Acharya Shri Rajendra Atal Ji. Cosmic mystic program, special meditation class.

Living in Shivalik Hills Of Himalaya Mountain (Group program) -

3 to 7 Days
For mental, spiritual, internal peace. Camping at the bank of Yamuna river-Yamuna Dham Beach. Enjoy site seeing, hiking with naturopathy, herbal massage, herbal baths, sand bath, sunbath and swimming, bathing in Yamuna and hill streams. In ancient India yogis, saints, religious guru were utilize these virgin places, remote, peaceful forest, hill area for their meditation, yogic acts and God's worship etc. Stay in hill caves/tribal straw cottages/tents in natural lush green jungle hill atmosphere.

Visit Rajaji National Park-Elephant park - 5 Days
Jungle Camp-Visit virgin beach of Ganga-Yamuna in Shivalik hills with unique environmental experience. Wild life safari in Rajaji national park in which there are several deer, elephants, leopards etc.
Hiking, horse/camel riding. Evening fire dance with the hill tribal of Shivalik.Visit to Shakumbhari Devi temple , with Nature cure treatments for physical fitness, beauty therapy . Science of healthy & happy living program. Comfortable accommodation, naturopathy food, herbal drinks and transport facility includes for complete period.
Attraction – Sand bath and oil massage at Yamuna beach

Visit Rishikesh & Haridwar-Health Adventure Tour - 5 to 10 days
Explore the beauty of Shivalik hills of Himalayas and wild life safari in Rajaji National Park. Visit virgin beach of Yamuna & Ganga in Haridwar and Rishikesh with unique environmental experience. Hill station Mussorie and valley of hills Dehradun and International wood carving market Saharanpur. Hiking, horse/camel riding, evening fire dance with the hill tribal, also avail religious tour for Haridwar, Kankhal, Rishikesh, Shakumbhari Devi and religious temples of Saharanpur. Battle field of Mahabharata in Kurukshetra. Nature walks in Shivalik hills of Himalayas with the nature cure physical fitness and body servicing program. Comfortable accommodation, naturopathy food, herbal drinks and transport facility includes for complete period.

Off site meetings & Health Workshop For Corporate - 5 to 15
Stress Management & Health Workshop For Corporate and off site meetings in natural jungle resort, lush green atmosphere with yoga and naturopathy, cleansing acts and body rejuvenation with herbals.......Rejuvenate your BODY, MIND & SOUL. Body servicing-fitness program. NO EXERCISE, NO MEDICATION, NO FASTING. Nature Cure – Herbal Retreat. OBJECTIVE- The workshop brings a new highly effective platform for corporate world as an eye opener and the need of an hour and it is a unique workshop on stress management through naturopathy and yoga specially designed for corporate world. Through this workshop our aim is to make your life better and stress free. The unique feature of this workshop is to unable the participants bring down their stress level and rejuvenate their mind body and soul to take up the new challenges with enhanced managerial competence. The workshop is scientifically planned to increase the efficiency level through holistic health program and remove the stress effect like psychometric disease, social stress, forgetfulness, poor mental, physical health and low performance. The workshop aim is to develop the attitude, stress free and relaxed mental framework and increase the overall personality of individuals and productivity of organization as a whole. PROGRAM CONTENTS-Relaxation methods for body-mind-soul. CLEANSING ACTS- According to Shatkarma. SCIENCE OF LIVING- For healthy, happy life and improve relationship between peer-boss, wife-husband etc.

Senior Citizen peaceful stay & naturopathy - 5 to 15 days
15 days spiritual and fitness program for senior citizen. It improves the resistance power, memory development and will remove their body problems.Entertaining, cultural program, yogic games for body, mind, soul relaxation and cheerfulness.

Traditional India marriage ceremony for foreigners - 3 Days
We organize Indian Hindu traditional marriage ceremonies for people who decide to get married in India, or just to experience the ritual of Hindu customs and traditions.
SPECIAL FEATURES in the ceremony can be - Horse/elephant/camel ride/ four horse buggi for groom, king and queen luxury costumes for groom and bride, traditional dance and entertainment program, delicious multi cuisine. Jaimala (Garlands) to the groom and bride, Vedic chanting by the priest and traditional ladies, fireworks, traditional musical program (band Dhol, tabla & Bhangra), Giddha dances by ladies and gents artists. Marriage ceremony seven phere towards the fire.
(It will be according to your finances)

Paying Guest House at Saharanpur In Pyramid Cottage
For international tourist - Be our guest in Prakriti Kunj Ashram calm quite, safe green, near about 150km from Delhi on Delhi to Massoorie main road via Saharanpur before 8 km from Saharanpur on the railway crossing Chunneti.
Straw cottages exist in the campus for housing and nature cure treatment. Which are especially designed according to Vastu Shastra resembling ancient Egyptian triangular Pyramid structure. Attach modern hygienic neat and clean bathroom, Stay in these special pyramid-shaped straw cottages named” Parn Kutir” Which have a very scientific effect for the relaxation in the body. Based on Ancient Medical Science & Egyptian Theory

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